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Falcon 9 April 30 static fire. [Credit: SpaceX] Late last month, SpaceX test-fired its Falcon 9 engines and planned a launch to the InternationalSpace Station (ISS) on May 7. SpaceX pushed this launch back butit's now slated to take place on May 19 at 4:55am EDT (1:55am PDT).This upcoming launch will be a part of the Commercial Orbital transportation Services (COTS) program, an effort to help NASA find a private launchprovider to ferry crew members and cargo to the ISS. According to Wired , the delay was due to possible congestion at the ISS with thisweek's launch of the Soyuz . However, the two-second Falcon 9's Merlin rocket engine test wassuccessful. Cake Display Freezer
The upcoming launch at Cape Canaveral will send the Dragonspacecraft into low-Earth orbit where it will then dock with theISS if everything goes as plan and NASA gives the green light. Toget said green light, as the capsule orbits the Earth and headstoward the ISS, SpaceX will use the capsule's sensors to runmultiple tests and system checks to make sure that the Dragoncapsule is working properly. On the fourth day of the mission, the Dragon capsule will attemptto berth with the station by getting extremely close to the ISS,where it will then be grabbed by the ISS's robotic arm and thenattached to the station. At the ISS, astronauts will unload thecargo from the capsule, as well as fill the Dragon with returncargo. After about two weeks, the Dragon will detach from thestation and return to Earth and splash down somewhere in thePacific Ocean, west of Southern California. Under Counter Freezer
This is one launch that you won't want to miss! If successful, itwill be the first time that a private company has ever berthedtheir own capsule with the ISS. How to Watch the Launch Live You can check out , where the company will webcast the launch, complete withcommentary from SpaceX corporate HQ. The webcast will start about40 minutes before launch and will go until the Dragon separatesfrom the second stage of the Falcon 9 rocket. NASA TV will cover the event starting at 12:30am Saturday morning. Spacevidcast and SpaceFlight Now may also cover the launch as well (they have covered a number oflaunches live in the past, but we make no guarantees.). Supermarket Island Freezer Manufacturer
For all the specifics on the upcoming launch make sure to check outthe official SpaceX COTS 2 Mission Press Kit (pdf). [ SpaceX (PDF) ] Follow James Mulroy on Twitter and on StumbleUpon to get the latest in microbe , dinosaur , and death ray news . Like this? You might also enjoy... Glove Turns Sign Language Into Spoken Letters, Opens UpCommunication Electric Motorcycle Hits 200 MPH; Breaks Record, Burns Rubber This New GPS Does Augmented Reality, Makes You Feel Like You're ina Fighter Jet Get more GeekTech: Twitter - Facebook - RSS | Tip us off.

Rare coins dealer park avenue numismatics launches mobile

Miami Beach, FL (PRWEB) May 15, 2012 Park Avenue Numismatics, a leading rare coins and precious metals dealer announced today the launch of itsmobile version of their popular online Rare Coin and Bullionwebsite to mobile site Inspired by anincreasingly mobile society, this development was a naturalprogression in serving our tech-savvy customer base, according toBob Green, President & C.E.O. of Park Avenue Numismatics. Were constantly striving to stay at the forefront of technology,our website originally launched in 1995 and weconsider ourselves a pioneer using the world wide web, said BobGreen. Deli Display Refrigerator
In order to help serve our on-the-go customers rare coins and precious metal markets move quickly, and our customers need tostay up to date where ever they may be at the time. The idea of amobile website just makes sense. With thousands of hits daily we want to expand our reach by utilizingthis new technology. Notable features of the Park Avenue Numismatics, mobile website, - include: Access from any Internet-Capable Cellular Phone: The mobile sitewas designed to give Smart Phone users the ability to easily accessspot pricing, product pricing and information, picture viewingcapabilities, as well as, current news, articles & upcomingcoin show schedule information. In addition, existing users haveinstant access to their Park Avenue account or Open a new account.To this end, the mobile website has been designed for ease ofaccess from any internet-capable cellular phone, including iPhone,Blackberry, Android and Windows phones, without the need todownload a program or application. China Commercial Upright Freezer
Access to Inventory with real time sync: Striving to add to thegrowing list of mobile-friendly websites and create a bettercustomer experience, Park Avenue Numismatics includes aneasy-to-use inventory function on our mobile website. For ease ofnavigation, this feature allows customers to find products bybrowsing multiple coin categories. Each time when new inventory isuploaded, Mobile site will sync and update the categories withproducts Real Time Purchasing: The mobile site is designed to give SmartPhone users the ability to purchase with a click of button andmobile security SSL to encrypt their credit card information forprivacy. Live Spot Pricing: Rare Coin and Bullion investors closely watchspot prices, and Park Avenue Numismatics is committed to helpinginvestors make smart purchases. Cold Storage Room Manufacturer
The new mobile website includes afeature which extends this information on a moment-to-moment basis.A live feed provides viewers with up to the minute precious metalsquotes instantly. Click-to-Connect & Click to email: When the time and price isright to make a purchase, Park Avenue Numismatics mobile site makesit easy with a Click-to-Call and Email feature. With the click ofone button, customers can be instantly connected to our NumismaticAdvisors, who are ready to assist with the order or send an emailfor more information To download go to or use the fast QR Code to theright for a shortcut to the mobile website. About Park Avenue: Established in 1988, Park Avenue Numismatics hasbought, sold and handled over $750,000,000 in PCGS and NGCcertified rare coins and precious metals and currently offers more than a $30 millioninventory via internet website or mobile site The firm specializes in thesales and marketing of PCGS and NGC certified rare coins and precious metals working directly with collectors and investorsworldwide.
Park Avenue has handled some of the finest knownexamples in all areas of Numismatics, now with offices in MiamiBeach, FL, Charlotte, SC Carolina and Houston, TX and New York. Office hours are 9am-6pm Monday-Friday Contact-Toll Free800-992-9881. # # # Read the full story at releases/rare/coins/prweb9501058.htm .

More people saved from debris in haiti, medical supplies in urgentneed - Combination Freezer Manufacturer

More people were saved fromunder the debris in Haiti on Friday, but lack of medications couldthreaten the lives of those who were severely injured, rescuerssaid. Related UN chief to travel to Haiti Sunday UN seeks 2 mln to help Haiti earthquake victims Obama says aircraft carrier arrives in Haiti, to meet Clinton, Bush Chinese aid to be delivered to Haiti Saturday noon As clock is ticking near the critical 72-hour mark after the7.3-magnitude temblor on Tuesday, aid workers have revved upefforts to search for any sign of lives. "During late Thursday night and early Friday morning, the Chileanrescue team collaborated on retrieving 23 people alive" at theMontana Hotel, said chief of the Chilean aid commission, JuanGabriel Valdes. Valdes said rescue efforts at that spot would continue as therewere hopes of finding more people alive there. Several senior officials who were injured when the governmentbuildings collapsed in the quake have been brought to hospitals inneighboring Dominican Republic.
Minister of Public Works Joseph Frentz, whose left leg was broken,has been under intensive care at a Dominican Republic hospital,according to media reports. President of the Haitian Senate, Kelly Bestien, was also taken to ahospital in Santo Domingo, after being injured when the Senatebuilding caved in around him. He has already got a surgery in hisleg and is recovering. Most hospitals in capital Port-au-Prince are paralyzed with a lackof staff and minimum medical supplies.
A British rescuer works on the debris in Port-au-Prince, capital ofHaiti, Jan. 15, 2010.(Xinhua/David de la Paz) Photo Gallery There are shortages for practically everything -- drinking water,electricity, medicines, basic equipment and even fuel forambulances, said Gu Laroche, director of the General Hospital. Cuban aid workers have taken charge of the De la Paz Hospital,since its doctors have not appeared after the quake. They complained of a lack of an aesthetical, serum, plaster, andorthopedic materials to conduct amputations or fix the brokenbones. The injured were dying at the hospitals, they said. Ice Cream Display Freezer
Meanwhile, many Haitians waited in a line to be treated by theChinese doctors on the plaza in front of the building used to bethe prime minister's office. "Doctors and medicine are of great need here (..) I hope morerescue teams join us," said Hou Shike, a doctor with the Chineserescue team. The quake has dealt a hard blow to the small Caribbean nation. UNstatistics shows that 70 percent of Haiti's population live inpoverty and half of its 8.9 million people are unemployed. The Food and Agriculture Organization has designated Haiti as oneof the world's most economically vulnerable countries. Combination Freezer Manufacturer
The United Nations and its partners Friday appealed for 562 millionU.S. dollars to help the quake victims, as the world body hasscaled up its assistance in the wake of the disaster. The sum of 562 million U.S. dollars is intended to assist anestimated 3 million affected people over a period of six months,with half of the funds being earmarked for emergency food aid, andthe rest to be used for health, water, sanitation, nutrition, earlyrecovery, emergency education and other needs. Hotel Mini Bars
According to the Haitian civil protection ministry, more than50,000 people were estimated to have died in the quake, with thenumber possibly closer to 100,000. A foreign rescuer checks a survivor in Port-au-Prince, capital ofHaiti, Jan. 15, 2010. (Xinhua/David de la Paz) Photo Gallery.

- tibetan lawmaker calls for frank dialogues with eu to eliminatemisconception - China Ice Cream Making Machines

Qiangba Puncog, chairman of theStanding Committee of the People's Congress of China's TibetAutonomous Region, on Monday called for frank exchanges anddialogues with the European Union (EU) so as to eliminatemisconception about the region. The Tibetan legislator, who leads a Chinese National People'sCongress delegation to visit Belgium, made the remarks when meetingwith members of the European Parliament and the Belgian Parliamentrespectively. In the 61 years since its peaceful liberation, Tibet has madesignificant achievements in its economic and social development,and has witnessed continuous improvement in the people'slivelihood, he said. However, some politicians and common citizens in Europe still lacksufficient understanding of these achievements or even hold biasedor misconceived views toward Tibet as a result of endeavors by theDalai Lama clique, which seeks to foster misconception about Tibetby distorting facts, the Tibetan lawmaker noted. Cake Display Freezer
He said the delegation hoped to have frank exchanges of views anddialogues on issues of common concerns with members of the EuropeanParliament and lawmakers from EU member states, as well as thosewho are concerned over Tibet's development, so as to enhance mutualunderstanding, eliminate misunderstanding, and promote the Sino-EUcomprehensive strategic partnership. Qiangba Puncog also welcomed members of the European Parliament andthe Belgian Parliament to visit Tibet. During the meeting, Nirj Deva, chairman of the EU-China FriendshipGroup, acknowledged Tibet's economic, social and culturaldevelopment and the remarkable improvements of the people'slivelihood. He urged the European Parliament and other European institutions tofurther push forward exchanges between the EU and China, in orderto help the European people gain a comprehensive and objectiveunderstanding of Tibet's history and its current situation. China Ice Cream Making Machines
Commenting on the recent self-immolations by Tibetan Buddhistmonks, Deva said the act was in itself against Buddhist doctrines. Crescenzio Rivellini, head of the European Parliament's Delegationfor Relations with China, said the Chinese delegation's visititself was a sign of sincerity and confidence on the Chinese side. He wished to enhance communication and exchanges with China'slegislative bodies at various levels and all circles of the Chinesesociety. Author: Editor:. Deli Display Refrigerator Manufacturer

Novel approach to stimulate immune cells has potential fortreatment of immune diseases and cancer

Researchers at Rutgers University have uncovered a new way tostimulate activity of immune cell opiate receptors, leading toefficient tumor cell clearance. Dipak Sarkar, professor in the Department of Animal Sciences at theRutgers School of Environmental and Biological Sciences and hisresearch team have been able to take a new pharmacological approachto activate the immune cells to prevent cancer growth through stimulation of the opiate receptors found on immunecells. This research, funded by the National Institutes of Health-NationalInstitute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholosm, is featured on the coverof the May 11 issue of the Journal of Biological Chemistry . It describes two structurally different but functionally similaropioid receptors, Mu- and Delta-opioid receptors. Commercial Display Freezer
These receptorsform protein complexes as either two structurally similar receptorsas a homodimer - formed by two identical molecules - or twostructurally dissimilar protein complexes as a heterodimer - formedby ethanol inducement - in immune cells. The team pharmacologicallyfooled these two structurally different but functionally similaropioid receptors to form more homodimers so that opioid peptideincreases the immune cells' ability to kill tumor cells. "The potential for this research can lead to production ofendogenous opioids in the brain and the periphery becoming moreeffective in regulating stress and immune function," says Sarkar. Opioids, like endorphins, communicate with the immune system, sowhen there is a deficit of endorphin - due to fetal alcoholexposure, alcoholism and drug abuse, anxiety , depression and chronic psychological stress - the body undergoes stressshocks and, as Sarkar suggests, causes "immune incompetence." "Opioids act as the regulator of body stress mechanism, so whenendorphins are low, body stress indicators are high," says Sarkar,who directs the Endocrine Research Program at Rutgers and is afaculty member of the Rutgers Center of Alcohol Studies. "What's new about this latest research is that when we combine theMu receptor blocker (antagonist) with the Delta receptor stimulator(agonist), the immune cells accrue increased foreign cell-killingability," explains Sarkar. China Cold Storage Room
"This makes the body highly effective infighting against bacterial infection and tumor growth." Sarkar believes that combining this opioid antagonist and agonistmay have potential therapeutic value in humans for the treatment ofimmune incompetence, cancer, pain and ethanol-dependent diseases. Previous research by the Sarkar group showed that replenishingendorphins by cell therapy did prevent many of the stress andimmune problems in fetal alcohol-exposed test subjects. However,cell therapy is highly complex, involving the cumbersome process ofproducing endorphin cells from neural stem cells of patients and can sometimes result in rejection and otherissues. The beginning of the team's interest into how stress causesdiseases started with the observation that mothers who suffer fromalcohol abuse or with other developmental problems often give birthto children who exhibited hype-stress responses, linked tochildhood disease, child abnormality, immune diseases and cancer. As part of their investigation, the Sarkar research team learnedthat the endogenous opioid system in the brain is abnormal in kidsand adults who demonstrate hyper-stress responses. China Glass Door Freezer
"With the link between hyper-stress responses and manifested immuneissues, the goal has been to replenish the opioid deficit in thebrain and lead to an effective therapy for immune and otherdiseases," explained Sarkar. The team also found that when people consume alcohol, theeffectiveness of the body's ability to defend against viral andbacterial invasion, and fight against cancer decreases. "The overall goal of our research program is to increase ourunderstanding of and develop new therapy for the treatment ofcancer, immune and other alcoholism-induced diseases," says Sarkar. They hope that the promise of their novel pharmacological approachthat modifies the activity of the opioid receptors of immune cellsbrings them one step closer in the long road to therapeuticadvances. Additional References Citations.

Analysis: spain faces corrosion not collapse from euro crisis - Chest Deep Freezer

Such is the daily fallout from the euro zone's debt crisis. Likethe rest of Spain, Barcelona is looking at several years of hardgrind as the country adjusts to living within its means after thecollapse of a debt-financed housing bubble that has brought much ofthe banking sector to its knees. Yet unless the most pessimistic projections of the cost of rescuingthe banks prove right, the signs are that Spain faces corrosion notcollapse. Greece risks suddenly not being able to pay for vital imports if itcannot form a new government that sticks to the terms of aninternational bailout. But Spain is more representative of thegenerally insidious, demoralizing nature of the crisis: austerityis sapping trust in politicians across the euro zone and frayingthe social fabric as the bills for years of economic mismanagementare shared out.
"The problem is social. What are we going to do when we have 25percent unemployment? It's dramatic," said Joan Ramon Rovira, headof economic studies at the Barcelona chamber of commerce. Even though every fourth Spaniard is unemployed, job protection isbeing eroded. In Barcelona, capital of the northeastern region ofCatalonia, hospital wards are being closed, class sizes are growingand university fees are rising.
The result is a hardening of attitudes as various groups campaignto preserve their entitlements. The crisis has also ratcheted uppolitical tensions with Madrid as supporters of Catalanindependence increasingly begrudge helping to bankroll the centralgovernment, which they feel treats them with disdain. "Spain is a backpack that is too heavy for us to keep carrying.It's costing us our development," said the spokesman for CatalanPresident Artur Mas, Joan Maria Pique. EXPORTS RISING, HOUSE PRICES FALLING Rovira is optimistic that Spain will pull through. He producesfigures showing how smartly exports are rising from Catalonia,which makes up 20 percent of the national economy and generatesabout 30 percent of its exports. Deli Display Refrigerator
Spain's exports rose 11 percent last year as it gradually restoredthe competitiveness lost when wages spurted after the launch of theeuro in 1999. The government expects the current account deficit toshrink to under 1 percent of GDP this year from a peak of 10percent in 2007. Joerg Kraemer, chief economist with Commerzbank in Frankfurt,estimated that Spain had recouped half of the pre-crisisdeterioration in relative labor costs, a trend that should continuebecause of recent reforms making pay and contracts more flexible. The priority now, according to Catalonia's economy minister AndreuMas-Colell is for firms in the region to bulk up. "The bright spotin our economy is exports," he said in an interview. Chest Deep Freezer
"But our firmsare too small. In an export-oriented economy size is important. Weare too fragmented." In contrast to progress on external economic rebalancing, Spain isdragging its feet on reducing its budget deficit and is beingpunished by investors. Ten-year government bonds yield around 6 percent, a level that isunsustainable in the long run, on concerns that Madrid will have tospend tens of billions of euros to stop the rot in its bankingsystem. Supermarket Island Freezer
Spanish banks have more than 180 billion euros of sour propertyassets on their books, and analysts fear there is worse to come asrecession triggers more corporate and mortgage defaults. The Spanish government sought to boost investor confidence onFriday by ordering banks to set aside a further 30 billion euros inloan-loss provisions, two days after taking effective control ofBankia SA, one of the leading banks. But the financial markets wereunimpressed. The attempted clean-up is the fourth, and Edward Hugh, anindependent economist near Barcelona who says the government hasbeen too slow to get to grips with the meltdown, doubts it will bethe last. "The key question is where the price of property is going tosettle.
Until we know that, it's all guesswork," he said. House prices have fallen about 25 percent since 2007 and a Reuterspoll published on Friday pointed to a further decline of more than15 percent in 2012-2013. Morgan Stanley's base case is that banks will need 25 billion eurosin capital. Royal Bank of Scotland expects a 68 billion euroshortfall over the next three years.
Roubini Global Economics sees losses ranging from 130 billion eurosto 300 billion euros and attaches a 60 percent probability to theneed for a sovereign bailout followed, in 2015, by a restructuringof Spain's debt. But the chief economist of one local bank, who requested anonymitybecause the government was still finalizing its latest clean-up,said the extra provisioning being demanded by the market made senseonly if Spain were to be stuck in recession for several years. "If it's needed to restore credibility and reduce the risk premiumon our bonds, then maybe we have to do it. But I think the marketsare overshooting," he said.
REGIONAL FEUDING The urgency of stabilizing Spain's fast-growing stock of debt isshining the spotlight on its 17 autonomous regions, which accountfor about half of general government spending and whose debt hasalmost doubled in the past three years. The regions accounted for 55 percent of last year's generalgovernment deficit of 8.5 percent of GDP, according to JP Morgan,and Madrid has passed a law threatening to take direct control oftheir budgets unless they rein in spending. Seen from Barcelona, though, things are not so simple. Catalonia and other regions are responsible for managing publicservices, but Madrid retains most regulatory and tax-and-spendpowers. This is a recipe for friction when economic times aretough: the tax take plummets, but demand for health and educationdoes not.
As a result, Barcelona frequently finds itself going cap in hand toMadrid to plug its cash shortfall even though Catalonia, Spain'srichest region, transfers more than 8 percent of its GDP every yearin net taxes to the central government. At the same time, Catalonia's ruling centre-right Convergence andUnion (CiU) nationalist party says Madrid has withheld promisedinvestment funds in pursuit of what it regards as a blatant agendaof centralizing power and suffocating Catalonia. "We understand that Spain is going through a crisis and reforms areneeded. We are all in the same boat." Mas-Colell said. "Whatirritates us is that the crisis could be used as an opportunity tolimit our self-government or to not honor commitments made in thepast." Catalonia wants to negotiate a new fiscal deal that gives it moreautonomy.
But, saddled with a debt approaching 22 percent ofregional output, its political hand looks weak. In the meantime, it is making more cuts. Health spending will fall4.8 percent this year after a 6.5 percent drop in 2011. Regionalpublic-sector salaries are being reduced 5 percent on top of asimilar nationwide cut in 2010. A school building program has beenhalted and Catalans will soon start contributing to the cost ofprescriptions.
"We're going out on a limb, but we think our voters will understandthe constraints in which we live," Mas-Colell said. NOT FAIR Conversations in Barcelona suggest that people do understand theneed for belt-tightening. Importantly, strong family tiesconstitute a safety net of sorts for the unemployed. But there is asense that the sacrifices are not being fairly shared. Felipe Aranguren, 59, who works when he can as a sociologist, railsagainst Spain's "rotten" banks and wants higher taxes on the richto pay for a "New Deal" public-works program.
A black star, the symbol of anarchism, is pinned to his lapel, butAranguren does not think that dumping the euro and going it alonewould ease Spain's plight. "Economically speaking, we can't do anything in Spain becauseeverything is decided in Brussels. But leaving Europe would be justone more problem," he said. Joan Colom, an economist at the University of Barcelona, said hisdepartment had been forced to let go a lot of young lecturers andslash research.
He was optimistic that Spain would overcome the crisis but wascritical of the laser-like focus on austerity. "We will pay a cost,for sure, and it could be higher than necessary," said Colom, aformer head of the Catalan Court of Auditors. Psychology student Celia Nisare Bleda, 19, fears that students frompoorer families will bear the brunt of the education cuts. Withevery second young Spaniard out of work, she suspects that not evena degree will be enough to secure a job in Spain that paysdecently. Lots of students were going abroad in search of a better future.
Sowould she if necessary. "With the salaries we're likely to get,there's no possibility of having a good life. We'll be living allour lives like students." Nisare Bleda said. (editing by Janet McBride).

Mother's day last-minute beauty splurges: liststop ... - Under Counter Freezer

For anyone looking for a last-minute Mother's Day gift, it isn'ttoo late to lavish Mom with a gift she'll love. The latest articleby, 10 Mother's Day Splurges: From New Moms to Mature Women , presents Top 10 luxurious yet affordable beauty products idealfor giving mothers some much-needed pampering. Many moms feel they're too busy to take time out for themselves, orcan't justify spending money on quality beauty products. How is theClarisonic Mia Sonic Cleansing System both practical and pamperingfor moms who want beautiful skin? To find out, or click Want to surprise a new mother with a beautifying body kit? Help herremember that she needs TLC too with the Belli Body Bounce BackKit. How can Belli products nurture and repair mom's skin afterpregnancy? To find out, visit or click All mothers want to look their best, at any age. Ice Cream Display Freezer
The StriVectinAgeless Skin Blockbuster Kit is a seven-piece sampler perfect forintroducing a mom to anti-aging skincare technology. What's thebest way to integrate wrinkle formulas and eye creams into a mom'sbeauty routine? To find out, visit or click Find answers to many more questions about last-minute Top 10luxurious yet affordable gifts for Mother's Day and how moms canpamper themselves year-round at or See also: Skincare & Beauty Calendar: Twelve-Month Guide to Complete SkinTransformation" An effective skincare routine is one that can easily be alteredthroughout the year, such as when the seasons change or when awoman's skin is going through a transition. Whether a woman istrying to get rid of acne, achieve younger-looking skin or justupdate a boring makeup regimen, this article will help her create astep-by-step plan, with how-to instructions for every season. Theresult is a skincare accessory she can use all year long! "Prevent Menopause Symptoms Now: 6 Ways to Maintain Healthy Skin" Hot flashes and hormonal changes are well-known side effects ofmenopause, but skin-related changes like dryness, age spots andwrinkles can come as a surprise to many women. Developing goodskincare habits now can help women take control of their skincareregimen and maintain healthy skin during menopause, and beyond. Under Counter Freezer
" Fashion for Mature Women: 5 Anti-Aging and Beauty Tips" The end of adolescence often means the end of that constant battlewith acne, but for some women, entering middle age means a host ofnew skin concerns, such as age spots, dark circles and wrinkles.Acne and oily skin can also return. Learn how to combat these skinconcerns, as well as revamp that tired wardrobe and beauty bag withage-appropriate clothing and makeup. "Clarisonic Skin Care System Review: Devices and Accessories" Clarisonic has transformed the industry by creating an at-home skincare system that delivers professional results. Discover how simpleit is to re-invent any skin care routine using this comprehensivereview of the Clarisonic skin care systems, accessories and skincare formulas. China Ice Cream Display Freezer
From basic cleansing to controlling acne, creating amore effective skin care routine with Clarisonic's innovated skincare brushes is as easy as one-two-three. "10 After-Work Pampering Ideas" A weekend at the spa may seem like an impossible dream, but anevening -- or just 15 minutes -- of pampering can be a reality, anyday of the week. These 10 tips will help to reduce stress, bothemotionally and physically. Find out how to make the work week alittle brighter by adding some much-needed pampering into any busyschedule. About -- "Your Source for Intelligent Skin Care" is the online source for consumers seekingintelligent beauty and skin care news, advice, tips and articles.Founded in 2005, features articles, news itemsand frequently asked questions on skincare and beauty-relatedissues. is located in Sacramento, California, butreceives visitors from all around the world. For more information,visit Contact: Bobby Lyons Email Contact 916-475-1407.

Mayor ed lee: mid-market set for "total resurgence" - Multideck Open Chiller Manufacturer

Mid-Market has been a bugbear of San Francisco mayors for decades,but the city is finally on the cusp of turning around thelong-depressed stretch of the city s grand boulevard, Mayor Ed Leesaid Thursday. I think you re seeing a total resurgence, Lee said as hetoured renovations of the old Merchandise Mart at 10 th and Market streets being transformed into new headquarters fortech companies Twitter, Yammer and CallSocket and home decor website One Kings Lane. It s exciting to see this milestone. A tax break approved last year for companies that expand theirworkforce in the Mid-Market area was central to keeping Twitterheadquartered in San Francisco. Multideck Open Chiller
Ali Rowghani, the company s chieffinancial officer, said they will have well north of 1,000 workers worldwide when they move into their new San Francisco homethis summer. Twitter has estimated that they can grow to more than 2,600 jobs inthe next five years at their new Mid-Market location,according to the mayor's office. The company currently hasleases on the top three floors about 200,000 square feet of what is now being called Market Square. It also has options tolease two more floors. All told, the 1.1 million-square-foot pair of buildings beingrenovated by Shorenstein Properties is expected to include offices,at least 55,000 square feet of retail space and a full-servicegrocery store, something the area is in dire need of. Multideck Open Chiller Manufacturer
Demand and the demographics are clearly here, said DougShorenstein, chairman and chief executive officer of the realestate investment and development firm. It s not a done deal,but we have multiple (grocery companies) that are interested. Twitter is expected to move in this summer and serve as an anchorthat will attract smaller businesses. Other tech companies likeZendesk have already moved in nearby. The prospect has jumpstartedapproved housing projects in the area that had lain dormant. China Deli Display Refrigerator
Artsprograms and some small businesses flowing to the neighborhood— an American Conservatory Theater expansion, Dottie s TrueBlue Caf , Huckleberry Bicycles — round out the picture, themayor s administration says. We re on the move, Lee said. This is all for real. No moretalk.

Why is mozilla targeting microsoft and not apple in browser spat? - Ice Cream Making Machines Manufacturer

Two wrongs don't make a right, Mozilla's chief counsel saidThursday when asked why his company hasn't lambasted Apple, as itdid Microsoft, for blocking rival browsers from its mobileoperating system. "The similarities to iOS don't justify an outcome on Windows thatdeprives users of choice, reduces competition and hurtsinnovation," said Harvey Anderson, Mozilla's top lawyer. That question -- how is Microsoft's behavior different from Apple's-- came up time and again in comments on the blogs and news stories that reported the claims. And if both Microsoft and Apple bar competitors' browsers fromtheir operating systems -- Apple refuses to accept real browsers inits App Store -- why is Mozilla focused on Microsoft? Anderson's answer: Microsoft is a different beast.
"The difference here is that Microsoft is using its Windowsmonopoly power in the OS market to exclude competition in thebrowser market," Anderson said, possibly referring to Microsoft'sdominance of the entire operating system space, not only mobile. According to Web metrics company Net Applications, Windows remainsthe overwhelming favorite on the Internet. Last month, Windowspowered 85% of all Internet-browsing hardware, including personalcomputers, smartphones and tablets. Although it owns the lion'sshare of the mobile browsing market, Apple's iOS's share of alldevices was less than 5%. More important to Mozilla, however, was that Microsoft had pledgedin the past to play fair.
Its 12 promises , articulated in 2006 as U.S. antitrust supervision was windingdown, included one central to Mozilla's argument. "Going forward, Microsoft will ensure that all interfaces withinWindows called by any other Microsoft product ... will be disclosedfor use by the developer community generally," the 2006 documenttitled "Windows Principles" stated. Multideck Open Chiller
"That means that anything thatMicrosoft products can do in terms of how they plug into Windows,competing products will be able to do as well." Although Windows Principles is no longer available on Microsoft'swebsite, it appears to have been replaced by a 2008 document dubbed "Interoperability Principles," which has similar, although not identical, language related toAPIs. Microsoft made the 2008 pledge -- and published tens of thousands of pages of protocoldocumentation -- to meet obligations demanded by the European Unionafter an antitrust conviction there . Anderson hammered on the broken promises theme. "Microsoft [has] published commitments to users, industry andsoftware developers like us that in essence said Microsoft woulddesign Windows to allow choice and provide a level playing fieldfor third-party applications like the browser," said Anderson."These factors create a situation that is materially different thaniOS." Asa Dotzler, director of Firefox, echoed Anderson in a pair ofWednesday posts on his personal blog. "Apple is not a convicted monopolist that has legally bindingcommitments to not block access to browser-related APIs[application programming interfaces], like Microsoft," Dotzlerwrote in a comment added to his first post. Ice Cream Making Machines Manufacturer
And in another , he said, "Those [legally-binding] commitments don't go awaybecause Microsoft wishes them away." The dustup stems from Microsoft's decision to limit access to Win32APIs on Windows RT to its own software. Mozilla claimed that thatgives IE10 an unfair advantage on ARM-powered devices. Windows RT, once called WOA, for Windows on ARM, will include botha Metro mode that features touch-based apps and a restricteddesktop mode, called "Classic Windows" by some. While the Windows RT desktop seems designed primarily to run newversions of Office's Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote -- theprograms will be bundled with the OS -- a special version of IE10will also run there. Because IE10 will be the only browser able to call Win32 APIswithin Windows RT, it will enjoy functionality others are denied,whether it's running on the "Classic Windows" desktop or in theMetro environment, where all non-Microsoft code must operate. China Deli Display Refrigerator
"IE on ARM has access to Win32 APIs -- even when it's running inMetro mode -- but no other Metro browser has that same access,"said Dotzler. "Without that access, no other browser has a prayerof being competitive with IE." Anderson described some of the Win32 APIs that only IE10 canaccess. "Of particular concern are the APIs that IE has access to whichMicrosoft is denying other browsers, including VirtualAlloc,HeapAlloc and friends; CreateNamedPipe; ConnectNamedPipe;DisconnectNamedPipe; CreateProcess and various others," Andersonsaid. "These APIs allow for things like making memory executable, aper-requisite for building a JIT [Just In Time compiler]," Andersoncontinued. "Without a JIT, it will be impossible to build a modernbrowser.
These APIs also allow for things like spawning additionalprocesses, and communicating between them -- something we use toisolate plug-ins for security and stability purposes, and otherbrowsers, including IE, use to isolate tabs and windows forsecurity and stability purposes." All the major desktop browsers use a JavaScript JIT compiler --Firefox's is tagged as "JaegerMonkey," Google Chrome's as "V8,"IE10's as "Chakra" -- to quickly render JavaScript, the backbone ofmany online games, content-rich websites and advanced Web apps. Mozilla and other browser makers can call Win32 APIs in Windows 8-- in fact, only browsers are allowed to access the traditionalWindows APIs from Metro -- which is why they can build browserscompetitive with IE10 on that OS. Both Mozilla and Google have committed to creating Windows 8 browsers that run on both the desktop and inMetro. Microsoft has said its Windows RT decision to bar other vendorsfrom accessing Win32 APIs in Windows RT was driven by security,reliability and performance.
Last February , Windows chief executive Steven Sinofsky spelled it out in nouncertain terms. "If we enabled the broad porting of existing code [to Windows RT]we would fail to deliver on our commitment to longer battery life,predictable performance, and especially a reliable experience overtime," Sinofsky said. "The conventions used by today's Windows appsdo not necessarily provide this." But there's nothing stopping Microsoft from opening the Win32 APIsto other browsers, contended Anderson. "Given that IE can run inWindows on ARM, there is no technical reason to conclude otherbrowsers can't do the same," he said.
On Thursday, Anderson wouldn't say what Mozilla would do if itcouldn't change Microsoft's mind, whether it would, for instance,produce a Metro-only Firefox for Windows RT or abandon theplatform, as it essentially did iOS two years ago when it ran into Apple's App Store wall. "Product management is still evaluating the best course of action,"Anderson said. Even though Anderson called Microsoft's behavior "an unwelcomereturn to the digital dark ages where users and developers didn'thave browser choices," legal action isn't Mozilla's first choice. "We think the most effective way to resolve this is throughcritical discussion and transparency of the issues rather thanthrough legal action," Anderson said.
Nor was he ready to say what he thought Mozilla's chances were ofchanging Microsoft's mind. "It's too early to tell," Anderson said. Google is in Mozilla's corner -- the maker of Chrome said it"share[s] the concerns Mozilla has raised" -- but Opera Software,the Norwegian browser builder that filed a complaint with EUregulators that forced Microsoft to add a browser choice screen inWindows, declined to comment Thursday. Microsoft also declined to comment on Mozilla's accusations.
Gregg Keizer covers Microsoft, security issues, Apple, Web browsersand general technology breaking news for Computerworld. FollowGregg on Twitter at @gkeizer , or subscribe to Gregg's RSS feed . His e-mail address is . Read more about operating systems in Computerworld's Operating Systems Topic Center.

Solid evidence supports china's sovereignty claim over huangyanisland - Under Counter Freezer Manufacturer

Historical evidence and international laws strongly support China'ssovereignty claim over Huangyan Island in the South China Sea, saidan article carried by the PLA Daily Thursday. Based on general practice in international affairs, historicalevidence and laws are two inseparable factors to judge and prove acountry's sovereignty over a certain territory, said the newspaper,the mouthpiece of the People's Liberation Army (PLA). For centuries, China has claimed sovereignty over Huangyan Islandwhile the Philippines' recent arguments were simply tricks andself-contradictions, according to the article. CHINESE FIRST DISCOVERED HUANGYAN ISLAND According to many historical documents, Chinese first discoveredthe group of reefs and islets about 550 sea miles south of HainanIsland, and the surrounding waters in the South China Sea, andnamed the area "Zhanghai," or the Rising Sea, as early as over2,000 years ago. From the Song Dynasty (AD 960-1279) to the Qing Dynasty (AD1644-1912), Chinese called these islands "Shitang" and "Changsha,"which included Huangyan Island, as part of the Zhongsha Islands.
In the 13th century, Emperor Kublai Khan of China's Yuan Dynastyassigned an astronomer named Guo Shoujing to conduct a territorysurvey to unify the calendar nationwide, said Li Guoqiang, deputydirector of the Research Center for Chinese Borderland History andGeography of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, a governmentthink tank. Huangyan Island was chosen as one of the 27 measuring locations inthe survey in 1279, which was clearly recorded in the officialhistorical documents, said Li, quoted by the newspaper. CHINESE HAVE LONG COLONIZED HUANGYAN ISLAND The waters around Huangyan Island are traditional fisheries forChinese fishermen. They have not only fished in the waters but alsobuilt docks and other facilities on the islets.
The Chinese government has also sent several expeditions toHuangyan Island. In October, 1977 and June, 1978, scientists fromthe South China Sea Institute of Oceanology under the ChineseAcademy of Sciences twice conducted field surveys on the island. In April, 1985, the South China Sea Branch of the State OceanicAdministration sent a research team to the island for acomprehensive investigation. In 1994, a research team erected an 1-meter-high cement monument onthe island. CHINA HAS LONG EXERCISED JURISDICTION OVER HUANGYAN ISLAND China's long-term effective jurisdiction over Huangyan Islandoffers an important proof for its sovereignty claim. Commercial Display Freezer
There were anumber of government actions involving the island, for instance,the territorial survey in the 13th century, the newspaper articlewrote. Li Hongyun, expert with the Law School of the Peking University,told the newspaper that the Chinese government officially announcedthe name of Huangyan Island respectively in 1935, 1947 and 1983 andall the official maps published by Chinese governments in differenthistorical periods marked Huangyan Island as Chinese territory. The island has been consistently under administration of China'sGuangdong province first and Hainan province later. It is currentlyadministered by the administration office for the Xisha Islands,Zhongsha Islands and Nansha Islands under Hainan province. Since the 1970s, the Chinese government has approved manyapplications from foreign adventurers requesting to visit theisland, Li said. Under Counter Freezer Manufacturer
These actions are entirely official and governmental, whichdirectly proves China's sovereignty over the island, Li said. INTERNATIONAL TREATIES EXCLUDE HUANGYAN ISLAND FROM THE PHILIPPINES The territory of the Philippines is set by a series ofinternational treaties due to its special history. Zhang Haiwen, deputy director with the China Institute for MarineAffairs, told the newspaper that all the related internationaltreaties, including the Treaty of Paris (1898), the Treaty ofWashington (1900) and the Treaty between Great Britain and theUnited States (1930) have stated clearly the west limit of thePhilippine territory is 118 degrees east longitude, while HuangyanIsland, located 117 degrees 48 minutes east longitude, is outsidethis limit. Moreover, the 1946 Treaty of General Relations between the UnitedStates of America and the Republic of the Philippines, the 1952U.S.-Philippines Mutual Defense Treaty, the 1961 Republic ActNo.3046 and the 1968 Republic Act No.5446 have reaffirmed the legaleffects of the above-mentioned treaties and once again expressivelydefined the Philippine territorial limits which never includedHuangyan Island. OFFICIAL PHILIPPINE MAPS LONG EXCLUDE HUANGYAN ISLAND "During a rather long period, the Philippine legal documents,official papers and national maps never involve Huangyan Island,"said Li Guoqiang. China Combination Freezer
Under the Philippines domestic laws and regulations, including the1935 Constitution of the Republic of the Philippines, HuangyanIsland is outside the territory of the Philippines and even thebaseline points and baseline of the Philippine territorial watershave never touched upon Huangyan Island. Philippine maps published in 1981 and 1984 also indicate thatHuangyan Island is outside the country's territory. Until 1997, the Philippines never challenged China's jurisdictionover Huangyan Island and repeatedly stated that Huangyan Island wasnot part of its territory. The documents issued by the National Mapping and ResourceInformation Authority of the Philippines on Oct.
18, 1994, and bythe Philippine Amateur Radio Association to the American RadioRelay League on Nov. 18, 1994, both confirmed that the Philippineborder and sovereignty was stipulated by the Article 3 of theTreaty of Paris (1898) and Huangyan Island is outside of Philippineterritory. NO LEGAL BASIS FOR PHILIPPINES' DEMAND The Philippines argued that Huangyan Island was its "inherentterritory" because the island was in its 200-nautical-mileExclusive Economic Zone. Li Hongyun told the newspaper that, as a basic principle clearlystated by the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, acountry must have sovereignty over the land before it claimssovereignty over the adjacent sea waters.
The Philippines claimed sovereignty over the waters before making aclaim for the land, which was obviously wrong, Li said. It recently claimed sovereignty over Huangyan Island on the basisof exercising jurisdiction on the island and cited the case of theIsland of Palmas, which confirmed the principle that a countrycould claim sovereignty for its long-term and effectivejurisdiction over the land. "China agrees on the principle and, it is based on the principlethat China has sovereignty over Huangyan Island for it hasimplemented long-term and effective jurisdiction," Li said. In addition, geographic proximity, which formed part of thePhilippines' claim, is no solution to territorial entitlement asinternational laws and practices have early defined. Such examples can be found everywhere in the world that a countryowns a remote land that is geographically nearer to other nations,the article said.
The principle of geographic proximity would no doubt cause bigchaos if it was applied in territorial affairs, the article said.

Pranabâs angry remark leads to adjournment of lok sabha - China Cold Storage Room

An angry remark by Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee in the midstof uproar over a spate of issues, including demand for jute bagsfor wheat, led to adjournment of the Lok Sabha for over an hourthis afternoon. As BJP members stormed the Well to press their demand foravailability of jute bags, an agitated Mr. Mukherjee tried torespond, but when they continued with the protest he made a certainremark angering the entire BJP. AIADMK members too trooped into the Well seeking to have a say inthe Aircel-Maxis deal that took place in 2006.
The issue was raisedby BJP leader Yashwant Sinha targeting the then Finance Minister,alleging that his son was involved. Home Minister P Chidambaram was the Finance Minister at that time. Amid cries of ‘shame, shame' by the opposition members,Mr. Sinha alleged that the son of the former Finance Minister got a5 per cent shares from Maxis.
"Prima facie what happened was a big scam and governmentshould not hush it up," Mr. Sinha said, demanding a statementfrom Mr. Mukherjee, who is the Leader of the House, as also theFinance Minister. A few minutes later, BJP members, especially those from MadhyaPradesh, stormed the Well to press for their demand for jute bagsfor wheat. Cake Display Freezer
They returned to their seats when Mr. Mukherjee tried toplacate them with a response. He, however, appeared visibly angrysaying they have raised the issue for the second consecutive day. Some remarks from him worsened the situation with agitated BJPmembers rushing back into the Well and the Speaker adjourning theHouse till 2 pm amid sharp reaction from the Opposition. China Cold Storage Room
AIADMK members, wanting to speak on the Aircel-Maxis deal, toostormed the Well when Kumar adjourned the House. Earlier, when they wanted to have their say, the Speaker moved toanother issue with Bishnupad Ray (BJP) narrating the mistreatmentmeted out to him by a Home Ministry official on Wednesday when hehad gone to meet him on a matter concerning his constituency ofAndaman and Nicobar Islands. This led to sharp protests from the BJP and some other sections ofthe House. Responding quickly, Parliamentary Affairs Minister Pawan KumarBansal said the government views very seriously any mistreatment ofany member. China Commercial Display Freezer
He said he is personally taking the matter to the HomeMinister. When the BJP members continued to press for their demand, SpeakerMeira Kumar observed that she was already seized of the matter andhad initiated appropriate action on it before the House met for theday. "My responsibility is not just to run the House but also touphold the respect and ensure safety of the members. We have toensure that this does not happen again," she said.

Info from ex-teacher costs him job, raises legal flag - Multideck Open Chiller - Supermarket Projects

By Janie Bryant The Virginian-Pilot May 10, 2012 PORTSMOUTH On March 6, Cedric Cradle signed a disclosure statement for a jobhe sought working with mentally ill adults. It asked whether he had criminal convictions or was the subject ofpending charges. He marked "No." But less than three weeks earlier, the former Churchland HighSchool teacher and coach had been found guilty of taking indecentliberties with a 16-year-old female student. Last week, Cradle testified at his sentence hearing about his newjob with LEVOC Family Services in Franklin. But there was a problem with that statement, too, according toOvelton Malone, an owner of the company.
Cradle's job offer had been withdrawn April 12, when a criminalhistory check came back and his legal issues were revealed, Malonesaid this week. Reached by phone, Cradle declined to comment for this story. But onApril 30, at his sentence hearing in Portsmouth Circuit Court, hetestified that he worked in LEVOC's day treatment center formentally challenged adults. Prosecutor Derek Colvin asked him whether LEVOC primarily treatedchildren. Cradle said no.
"They also treat children; do you agree?" Colvin asked,according to a court transcript. "Yes, they do," the former teacher answered. Colvin also inquired whether the former coach had disclosed thenature of the charges against him with the company. "Yes, sir. Cake Display Freezer
I actually know the owner of the business,"Cradle answered. This week, Malone described Cradle as someone he met once at acommunity event. He said Cradle was not friends with the otherbusiness owners but did know one of the company's supervisors. Malone said Cradle's short time with the company included only ajob orientation, which required him to work with staff supervision. Multideck Open Chiller
LEVOC is licensed by the state to provide mental health services,including counseling and support for children and teens with"serious behavioral and mental disturbances," accordingto its website. It serves about 67 clients at this time, Malonesaid, and its day treatment center offers support for adults livingwith mental illnesses ranging from depression to post-traumaticstress disorder. Malone said Cradle was initially hired based on his resume andreferences. The references included another mental health providerand two Portsmouth schools staff members, Malone said, but hedeclined to identify them. Supermarket Projects
Maureen Mizelle, a spokeswoman for Portsmouth Public Schools, saidthere is no policy that would prevent a school employee from actingas a personal reference. She said Cradle resigned from his positionbefore his arrest and it was possible he asked colleagues forletters of recommendation at that point. Meghan McGuire, a spokeswoman for the state Department ofBehavioral Health and Developmental Services, said Cradle's felonyconviction would prohibit him from working with the state-licensedLEVOC program, even if the job did not include working nearchildren. Les Saltzberg, the department's director of licensing, said itappears that LEVOC did everything correctly.
The state allows suchbusinesses to hire individuals while they are waiting for thecriminal background check, but after the signed disclosure form hasbeen received. The Virginian-Pilot obtained a copy of the disclosure form fromLEVOC through a Freedom of Information Act request. On it, Cradlemarked "no" to the question: "Have you ever been convicted of or are you the subject ofpending charges for any offense, including moving trafficviolations..." In addition, LEVOC properly rescinded Cradle's job offer once hiscriminal check was complete, Saltzberg said. Malone said that inthis case, the system worked. Portsmouth Commonwealth's Attorney Earle C.
Mobley said his officeis looking into statements that Cradle made in court. "We are investigating the matter along with the PortsmouthPolice Department," he said. Cradle's case was one of three related to Portsmouth high schoolteachers' involvement with minors in the past year. A jury in February found Cradle guilty of one count of takingindecent liberties with a minor while in a supervisory role. Last week, a judge imposed the $2,500 fine that the jury hadrecommended.
Cradle has maintained his innocence and at hissentence hearing his attorney, Carol Adler, asked the judge to setaside the verdict. He denied her motion. Adler, a public defender, also declined tocomment for this story. Janie Bryant, 757-446-2453,

Updated schedule for health care reform listening sessions - Commercial Display Freezer

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE May 9, 2012 Contact Marisa Melamed 802-828-2316 Updated Schedule of Health Care Reform Listening Sessions onBenefits; Session in Bennington Rescheduled to June 13 th Health Care Reform Listening Sessions on Benefit Design This spring the Agency of Administration is seeking input from thepublic on the benefits to be included in the design of GreenMountain Care, the single payer health care system for Vermont. Under Act 48 of 2011, the Shumlin Administration will recommendbenefits as part of the financing plans to be considered by thelegislature in 2013. Approval of the Green Mountain Care Boardalso is required for the benefit recommendations. The format for the listening sessions will be similar to the formatused for the financing listening sessions last fall/winter. Thepresentation will include information about current benefit design,the charge in Act 48 regarding benefits, and the process fordesigning the care and benefits provided by Green MountainCare.
Participants will use the informational presentation andtheir own experiences to offer input on the potential impact ofdifferent benefit designs. Listening sessions were held earlier this spring in Brattleboro,Burlington, and Rutland. The Agency of Administration will hostthree more listening sessions around the state. In addition,the Administration will hold a joint public hearing with the GreenMountain Care Board.
All are welcome and encouraged to attend. May 31: Public Hearing using VIT video-conferencing studios aroundVermont, 3:30-7:00 p.m. June 7: St. Johnsbury, Catamount Arts, 115 Eastern Ave, 6:00 8:00 p.m. June 13: Bennington, Firehouse, 130 River St, 6:00 8:00p.m. Deli Display Refrigerator
(RESCHEDULED FROM 5/16) June 20: White River Junction, Hartford High School, 37Highland Ave, 6:00 8:00 p.m. Public Hearing The Administration and the Board will jointly host a public hearingon May 31 st , 2012 from 3:30 p.m.-7:00 p.m. This hearing is open to thepublic but is targeted specifically to the healthcare provider andpatient advocate community. The hearing will be held usingVermont Interactive Technologies video-conferencing. Individuals can attend the hearing at any one of 11 sites aroundthe state (Bennington, Brattleboro, Lyndonville, Middlebury,Newport, Rutland, Springfield, St. Commercial Display Freezer
Albans, White River Junction,Williston, or Montpelier). It will begin with a briefpresentation to be followed by public testimony. If you are ahealthcare provider or patient advocate we hope that you will joinus on this date to share your perspective on benefits and benefitdesign that should be included in the single payer plan. Each individual wishing to speak on May 31 st will be given a set amount of time depending on attendance. Please e-mail or call Marisa Melamed at 802-828-2316 to sign up in advance. Hotel Mini Bars
Those who sign up by May 24 th will be given preference for the timeframe they would like tospeak in. When you call or write please indicate: 1) Your name 2) VIT location you will attend 3) Your title or affiliation, if applicable; and 4) The best time for you to speak between 3:30 and 7:00 p.m. on May31 st . Please visit the VIT website at for directions to the sites. All listening sessions are accessible to people withdisabilities.
So we can best accommodate you, please callMarisa a week in advance of the date at 802-828-2316 , or 802-253-0195 for VT Relay Service. Listening session information can also be found here: engagement/benefits.

Oracle v. google and the dangerous implications of treating apis ascopyrightable

There has been no lack of ink spilled on the legal battle betweenOracle and Google surrounding Google s use of Java APIs in itsAndroid OS. And no wonder, what with testimony by both Larrys (Pageand Ellison), claims of damages up to $1 billion, and rampantspeculation that a ruling in Oracle s favor could change the way we all use the Internet. Today, we got our first taste of wherethis all might be heading: the jury came back with a finding that,assuming APIs are subject to copyright, Google has infringed atleast some of Oracle's. But significant outstanding questionsremain, including whether copyright can in fact apply (the judgealone will decide this) and whether Google made a legal fair use ofthose APIs (we believe it did). What s really at stake here? This first stage of the trialconcerns whether Oracle can claim a copyright on Java s APIs and,if so, whether Google infringes those copyrights.
(In 2010, Oraclebought Sun Microsystems, which developed Java.) When it implementedthe Android OS, Google wrote its own version of Java. But in orderto allow developers to write their own programs for Android, Googlerelied on Java s APIs. (For non-developers out there, APIs(Application Programming Interfaces) are specifications that allowprograms to communicate with each other. So when you read anarticle online, and click on the icon to share that article viaTwitter, for example, you are using a Twitter API that the site sdeveloper got directly from Twitter.) Here s the problem: Treating APIs as copyrightable would have aprofound negative impact on interoperability, and, therefore,innovation.
APIs are ubiquitous and fundamental to all kinds ofprogram development. It is safe to say that all software developersuse APIs to make their software work with other software. Forexample, the developers of an application like Firefox use APIs tomake their application work with various OSes by asking the OS todo things like make network connections, open files, and displaywindows on the screen. Allowing a party to assert control over APIsmeans that a party can determine who can make compatible andinteroperable software, an idea that is anathema to those whocreate the software we rely on everyday. Put clearly, the developerof a platform should not be able to control add-on softwaredevelopment for that platform. Multideck Open Chiller
Take, for example, a free and open source project like Samba, whichruns the shared folders and network drives in millions oforganizations. If Samba could be held to have infringed theMicrosoft s copyright in its SMB protocol and API, with which itinter-operates, it could find itself on the hook for astronomicaldamages or facing an injunction requiring that it stop providingits API and related services, leaving users to fend for themselves. Another example is the AOL instant messaging program, which used aproprietary API. AOL tried to prevent people from makingalternative IM programs that could speak to AOL's users. China Ice Cube Making Machine
Despitethat, others successfully built their own implementations of theAPI from the client's side. If copyright had given AOL a weapon toprevent interoperability by its competitors, the outcome for thepublic would have been unfortunate. Setting aside the practical consequences, there s a perfectly goodlegal reason not to treat APIs as copyrightable material: they arepurely functional. The law is already clear that copyright cannotcover programming languages, which are merely mediums for creation(instead, copyright may potentially cover what one creativelywrites in that language). Under Counter Freezer Manufacturer
Indeed, the European Court of Justicecame to just that conclusion last week. (Ironically enough, when Sun Microsystems was anindependent company, one of its lawyers wrote amicus briefs arguing that interoperability concerns should limit copyrightprotection for computer programs.) Improvidently granting copyright protection to functional APIswould allow companies to dangerously hold up importantinteroperability functionality that developers and users rely oneveryday. Let s hope the judge agrees. Julie Samuels is a staff attorney at the Electronic FrontierFoundation.
This article is reproduced under a Creative Commons licence.


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